Drug Dept Anantnag ensures compliance in wholesale sector

ANANTNAG: A team of officials from Drug Control Department Anantnag headed by the Drug Control Officer on Thursday undertook thorough inspections across the district including at Sangam Bijbehara, Achabal and Chenichowk to assess the operational status of wholesale firms and ensure adherence to regulatory directives.
The team scrutinized a total of 63 premises to ascertain their operational status and compliance with issued guidelines. It was discovered that 36 firms were non-operational. Notices have been promptly served to these entities, urging them to provide explanations for their prolonged closure.
Concurrently, measures have been initiated to revoke the licenses of these non-compliant firms, with photographic evidence substantiating their inactive status.
Furthermore, the inspection uncovered commendable efforts by operational wholesale firms in the area. Many of these establishments have embraced modern practices, such as installing CCTV cameras and adopting computerized billing systems. These initiatives align with regulatory requirements, enhancing transparency and accountability within the wholesale sector.

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