Congress reacts to Sam Pitroda’s remark as BJP calls it ‘racist’, targets Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: The Congress on Wednesday officially distanced itself from chairman of Indian Overseas Congress Sam Pitroda’s controversial remarks about how people in the south “look like Africans and those in the west look like Arabs and those in the east look like Chinese” while speaking on the diversity of India.

“The analogies drawn by Mr. Sam Pitroda in a podcast to illustrate India’s diversity are most unfortunate and unacceptable. The Indian National Congress completely dissociates itself from these analogies,” senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said in a post on X.

The clarification from Congress came after the Bharatiya Janata Party hit out Sam Pitroda over his alleged “racist” comments.

Sam Pitroda, during an interview with The Statesman recently, said the people of India have “survived 75 years in a very happy environment where people could live together leaving a few fights here and there”. He then went on to say, while reflecting upon the democracy in India, said, “We could hold together a country as diverse as India – where people on East look like Chinese, people on West look like Arab, people on North look like maybe White and people in South look like Africa. It doesn’t matter. We are all brothers and sisters.”

BJP hits back

Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma was one of the first to react when he took to X and slammed Sam Pitroda over his remarks and said, “Sam bhai, I am from the North East and I look like an Indian. We are a diverse country – we may look different but we are all one. Understand a little about our country!”

BJP candidate from Thiruvananthapuram and Union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar termed Sam Pitroda’s remark as “shameless”.

“This is how Rahul Gandhi has been taught to divide up and see India by his tutor and mentor -Sam Pitroda,” he added.

BJP MP Tejasvi Surya alleged that the statement by the Congress leader was no different from what Churchill had said about Indians.

“Congress has always been the OG-breaking India party. This commentary is no different from what Churchill had said about us. No wonder RG is the way he is after being mentored by him!” MP Tejasvi Surya said.

BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla also joined in the criticism alleging that these were racist comments by a man who is the guru of Rahul Gandhi.

“It is the words and thinking of Rahul Gandhi only because these days Rahul is also playing the politics of divide and rule to such an extent that first they divide on caste and language lines and now they are doing Indians Vs Indians. To make comments like Indians are like Chinese. Isn’t this a racist comment? Isn’t this insulting? Indians are looking like Africans. Isn’t it the comment on the entire South people? By making these comments, it shows that Congress’ “Mohabbat ki dukaan” actually has “Nafrat ka saaman”. Unless Congress gives a complete explanation and sacks Sam Pitroda, this should be taken as the statement of the Congress,” Poonawalla said.

BJP candidate from Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi, Kangana Ranaut also took to X and said that Congress’s whole ideology is about divide and rule.

“Sam Pitroda is Rahul Gandhi’s mentor. Listen to his racist & divisive jibes for Indians. Their whole ideology is about divide & rule. It’s sickening to call fellow Indians Chinese and African. Shame on Congress!” Kangana Ranaut said.

Sam Pitroda’s inheritance tax remarks

Pitroda had earlier courted controversy when he had advocated an inheritance tax-like law in the country. However, the Congress had distanced itself from Pitroda’s comments saying that they did not reflect the view of the party at all times.


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