Humanize Kashmiri youth instead of labeling them as OGWs, anti-nationals: Parra urges New Delhi

Humanize Kashmiri youth instead of labeling them as OGWs, anti-nationals: Parra urges New Delhi

SRINAGAR: People’s Democratic Party Youth President and Parliament Candidate for Srinagar-Pulwama Constituency, Waheed Ur Rehman Parra here on Sunday addressed several public meetings during his trial campaign in Charar-e-Sharief Constituency of Budgam District. He was accompanied by Party General Secretary Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjoora, along with several Party Functionaries.

Parra urged New Delhi to realize how every passing day of silence, inaction, and accusations of being OGWs and labeling Kashmiri youth as anti-national push the youth of Kashmir further away from the idea of India and fuels the growing sense of disenchantment in their hearts and minds. He emphasized that this could lead to disastrous consequences in the long run, stating that Kashmir needs compassion and empathy, not rhetoric.

Addressing a public meeting in Charar-e-Sharief, Parra urged New Delhi not to label Kashmiri Youth as OGWs, but to humanize them. Instead of branding them as ‘OGWs’ and ‘anti-nationals’, he urged the Centre to understand their aspirations, struggles, and the challenges they face on a daily basis. He stated, “Our children and youth are not statistics to be categorized; they are individuals with dreams, ambitions, and a desire for a better future.” By acknowledging their talent, Parra believes that it paves the way for empathy, dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation.

Waheed highlighted efforts launched by party president Mehbooba Mufti when she, as chief minister, announced an amnesty for first-time “offenders of stone pelting for 4,500 youth in the valley. He said that the PDP has always believed in dialogue and reconciliation processes. Parra said that the coercion and oppression methods tested by this government have failed to bring changes in Kashmir. “Dialogue and reconciliation have been effective in ending alienation among youth and bringing considerable change. We proved it during Mufti Sahib’s regime and again when Mehbooba Ji revoked the cases of hundreds of students,” he said.

He emphasized the urgency of addressing the plight of these forgotten individuals, highlighting the anguish of being separated from their families and the broader societal neglect they face. He expressed his determination to champion their cause in Parliament if voted, pledging to be a vocal advocate for justice and the restoration of their fundamental rights. He said he is firmly resolved to ensure that the voices of these imprisoned youths are heard in the highest legislative institution of the country and their grievances are addressed.

Parra asserted that in Kashmir, where generations have grown up amidst conflict and uncertainty, it is compassion, not convictions, that will lead towards lasting peace. He urged New Delhi to extend a hand of empathy and support to Kashmiri youth, providing them with opportunities, education, and a platform to express themselves.

He added that youth is our power and future. “They are the ones who shall be at the helm of affairs, irrespective of the situations we are in. It’s important for our youth to understand that electoral politics is no holy sin; it’s our mandate, it’s our election, it’s our chosen representative. It’s the youth who is going to represent us. Do we want our representation to be outsourced to proxies or tourists?” he asked.

Parra urged the Centre to adopt a compassionate approach towards the youth of Kashmir, reaching out to them with a roadmap for a healing touch. He stated, “By reaching out to them with compassion and engaging in meaningful dialogue, New Delhi can build bridges of trust and work towards a peaceful resolution.”

Highlighting his goal to create awareness about the aspirations of Jammu & Kashmir youth in Delhi, Parra said, “We should convince the Parliament and people of India that integration of J&K youth can’t be through UAPA, jails, NIA, SIA, and force. We need to talk to our youth, and we need to forgive and forget a lot of things. The Parliament of India has to rise to the occasion and say there has to be a massive amnesty and drop all the charges against the youth to let them reintegrate.”

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