Urs of ‘Faqir-e-Millat’ Syed Meerak Shah Sahib Kashani (RA) celebrated at Khanqah-e-Naqeebia

SRINAGAR: The Urs e Pak of Hazrat “Faqir-e-Millat”, Syed Meerak Shah Sahib Kashani (RA) reverberated with devout celebrations throughout the valley on May 3rd, 2024, (24 Shawwal 1445). The Khanqah-e-Naqeebia Pozwalpora Shalimar was adorned with great fervor and reverence as devotees, in large numbers, gathered to honor this sacred day. Renowned Ulamas and Mashiq participated in the festivities, adding to the spiritual ambiance of the occasion.
The highlight of the day was the much-awaited release of the translated and annotated work, “Anwar ul Irfan,” which features the profound teachings of Hazrat “Faqir-e-Millat”. Authored by the venerable Hazrat “Naqeeb e Millat” Moulana Naqeeb Sahib, this publication graced the occasion, enriching the spiritual journey of the devotees. Syed Fida Hussain Suharwardi, Syed Hamaad Gillani, Ghulam Hassan Gamgeen, and others were present during the book release.
Hazrat Moulana Naqeeb Sahib, in his address, emphasized the importance of following the teachings of “Faqir-e-Millat” in both letter and spirit. His words resonated with the audience, inspiring them to delve deeper into the wisdom encapsulated in the teachings of Hazrat “Faqir-e-Millat”.
As we commemorate this auspicious occasion, let us renew our commitment to embodying the virtues and principles upheld by Hazrat “Faqir-e-Millat”, fostering harmony, compassion, and spiritual enlightenment in our communities.

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