This AI-powered camera can turn pictures into poems

NEW DELHI: Artificial intelligence (AI) is either completely changing or majorly impacting pretty much everything around us. The latest is Poetry Camera, which does exactly what it says – turning your photos into poems.

The Poetry Camera looks like a normal Polaroid camera. But, instead of taking photos, it turns the images captured by the sensor into poems describing the scenes. Developed by Kelin Carolyn Zhang and Ryan Mather, the open-sourced device runs on Raspberry Pi and uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 to generate poetry.

The single-board computer Raspberry Pi analyses the images and searches for visual data. This is then sent to the AI which is responsible for identifying things like colours, patterns, key elements and emotions in the photo.

According to TechCrunch, the makers of the Poetry Camera said the device is not limited to a single poetry format. Since the device code is open-source, users can also choose from various options like sonnets, free verses and haiku.

They also said none of the images or poems generated by the camera are stored digitally. The Poetry Camera started as a personal project by Zhang and Mather, but after they showed the device to friends and family at social gatherings, they decided to share their creation with others.

While they had no plans to sell the Poetry Camera, the report suggests they are exploring the possibility of making the product commercially available.

In case they decide against selling the Poetry Camera, people can make one for themselves given the makers have already shared all the instructions online, and that the technology behind it is open-source.


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