NIT Srinagar hosts FDP on ‘Current trends in additive manufacturing’

Srinagar: A weeklong Faculty Development Program (FDP) on ‘Current trends in the Additive Manufacturing workshop began at Department of Mechanical Engineering (MED), National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar.
The hands-on training workshop is being sponsored by the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India and ITE&C Department, Govt. of Telangana.
The inaugural session was presided over by HOD MED Prof.Adnan Qayoum, Dean Alumni and International Affairs Prof. Nazir Ahmad Sheikh. Prof. Babar Ahmad, a senior faculty member at MED was also present in the session.
Director NIT Srinagar, Prof. A. Ravinder Nath, and Registrar Prof. Atikur Rehman extended their best wishes to participants and commended workshop coordinators for organizing this hands-on training workshop on relevant topics.
Dr. Deepak Kumar Naik and Dr Dinesh Kumar Rajendran are the Coordinator of the workshop. The event is being attended by 30 participants from across the country.
Dr. Manoj Kumar, Dr. Noor Zaman Khan, Dr. Sandeep Rathee, and Dr. Ved Prakash Sharma are the co-coordinators for the workshop.
In his key speech, Prof.Adnan Qayoum said this FDP offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience tailored to empower educators with the essential knowledge and skills required to effectively teach and inspire participants in the field of 3D printing.
“It is designed to address the growing significance of additive manufacturing and its transformative impact across diverse industries. It will bridge the gap between academia and industry,” he said.
Prof. Adnan said additive manufacturing plays a crucial role in advancing microfluidics by offering innovative fabrication techniques, customization capabilities, and rapid prototyping, ultimately contributing to the development and optimization of microfluidic devices for various applications.
On the occasion, Dean AIA Prof. Nazir Ahmad Sheikh shared some challenges he faced during his M.Tech studies at IIT Madras when there were limited resources on airplane manufacturing.
“At that time, there were no readily available books on the subject. We had to rely on innovative methods. We obtained a module from Russia, and through collaborative efforts, we designed airplanes,” he said.
Prof. Sheikh said today, that with the advent of 3D printing, there is tremendous potential for students to design and create without being dependent on external designs.
“Now, with 3D printing technology, students can design many components independently. They can explore and innovate without the need for external designs. It is essential for students to leverage such workshops and harness the benefits of modern technology,” he said.
Professor Babar Ahmad extended a warm welcome to the participants and stated that this FDP will be highly beneficial for participants.
“In my student days, we did not have the luxury of 3D printers. Today’s students and researchers are fortunate; any design they conceive can be immediately realized in physical form through 3D printing. These smart and versatile devices can bring any design to life,” he said.
Prof. Babar said nowadays, people are utilizing 3D printers to produce human tissues, delving into the realm of biological materials.
“We are on the brink of a significant breakthrough where human organs can be 3D printed, marking a tremendous leap forward in medical technology,” he added.
Dr. Dinesh said this FDP will equip participants with the tools and expertise needed to prepare the next generation of innovators.
He said that the workshop will cover current research trends and future directions in additive manufacturing (AM). Introduction to 3D printing, discussions on design principles for 3D printing, exploration of polymer-based AM processes through case studies, and an examination of 3D printing applications in various industries such as fashion, toys, food, and gifts, Dr. Rajendran said.
He said FDP will also use of 3D printing in the aerospace industry and its applications in healthcare, providing participants with a comprehensive overview of the diverse and evolving landscape of additive manufacturing.
Later Dr. Noor Zaman Khan, Dr. Ved Prakash Sharma, and Dr. Manoj Kumar also spoke about the Current trends in Additive Manufacturing and advised young participants to take benefits of this weeklong FDP.

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