Capacity-building prog on Nasha Mukht Bharat Abhiyan held in Kakapora

PAMPORE: In a concerted effort to combat drug abuse and addiction, a one-day capacity-building programme was held at Government Higher Secondary School Kakapora area of Pulwama district, under the auspices of the National Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction program, specifically the Nasha Mukht Bharat Abhiyan. The event was spearheaded by the District Social Welfare Office Pulwama, in collaboration with the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), the Health Department, and DHEW (Mission Shakti) Pulwama.
The programme commenced with a comprehensive introduction by Mansha Ahad, District Mission Coordinator for DHEW Mission Shakti Pulwama, setting the tone for the day’s discussions and activities. Participants were briefed on the importance of concerted efforts to achieve the vision of a drug-free Pulwama, officials told Kashmir Reader.
Speaking at the event, Imtiyaz Ahmad, Counselor from ATF Pulwama, emphasized the need for joint and relentless efforts to realize the vision of Nasha Mukt Pulwama. He highlighted the importance of creating a pool of community leaders, teachers, and volunteers in every village across the district to ensure sustained information and education for the public towards achieving this goal. He urged participants to utilize the training effectively and spread awareness about identifying early signs of drug addiction to every household in Pulwama for effective drug control.
Imtiyaz Ahmad emphasized that every individual bears the responsibility to support efforts in curbing the drug menace to safeguard our youth and future from the devastating consequences witnessed in numerous cases of drug abuse. Umar, a Counselor from the Drug De-addiction Centre in Bajwani Tral, echoed the sentiment, stressing the need for rigorous mass awareness campaigns at all levels to disseminate the message among the general populace. He emphasized that drug addiction is spreading at an alarming rate, posing a significant threat to society, and emphasized the importance of parents maintaining continuous vigilance for early warning signs.
During the programme, Tariq Ahmad, a legal lawyer from DLSA Pulwama, and Nazir Ahmad, District ASHA Coordinator from the Department of Health, sensitized the audience about the detrimental effects of drug abuse from a religious perspective.
All participants and officials from DHEW (Mission Shakti), OSC, who attended the Programme received training on identifying early signs of drug addiction and measures to curb it at the initial stage. Various resource persons from DLSA, counsellors from the Drug De-Addiction Centre in Bajwani Tral, and other officials from DHEW deliberated on drug addiction, control, counselling, treatment, and rehabilitation measures.
Frontline workers from the Department of Health (ASHAs), Mission Poshan Kakapora, SHG members of NRLM (Umeed) Kakapora, as well as other officials, spoke at the event, urging all participants to effectively implement the training on the ground. They emphasized the importance of making the training result-oriented and safeguarding the youth of Pulwama from falling prey to drug peddlers.


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