AIU 37th North Zone Unifest – Confident of youths’ talent, ability to compete with premier universities: KU VC

Committed to create inclusive, culturally vibrant educational environment: Registrar

Patiala: The Kashmir University (KU) is all set to captivate audiences at the 37th Association of Indian Universities (AIU) Inter-University Youth Festival hosted by Punjabi University, Patiala. A contingent 23 students representing various departments, satellite campuses and affiliated colleges of the university are showcasing the rich cultural diversity of the region.
The KU contingent is participating in various events, including cultural performances, literary competitions and artistic displays during the 5-day festival organised by the AIU, New Delhi, at Punjabi University, Patiala. The festival serves as a unique platform for students to exchange cultural expressions, encouraging camaraderie among participants, an official statement read.
In the statement, KU Vice Chancellor, Prof Nilofer Khan, conveyed her best wishes to the cultural delegation while expressing confidence in their ability to compete with the premier universities across North India.
Emphasising the significance of extracurricular activities and underlining the success of the ‘Education-cum-Cultural Exchange Programme’ in Hyderabad and Delhi, Prof khan said: “Our talented students will undoubtedly win hearts at the AIU youth festival as we have confidence in their ability to compete at any level.”
Prof Khan underscored the importance of such festivals, offering students opportunities to participate in debates, quizzes, elocution, music, theatre and fine arts activities, thereby broadening their global perspective, the statement read.
While emphasising the NEP’s recognition of the significance of extracurricular activities, she maintained that KU is one among the first universities to implement the National Education Policy (NEP)-2020 in letter and spirit.
KU Registrar and officiating Dean, Students Welfare, Dr Nisar A Mir, emphasised the university’s mission to provide not only degrees but also opportunities for students to connect with diverse youth from across India.
He commended KU’s Department of Students Welfare (DSW) Youth Club for promoting peace, harmony and cultural heritage, highlighting the importance of such platforms in fostering unity and understanding among the youth.
“Such cultural exchange platforms not only enrich the academic experience but also instill a sense of unity and understanding among the youth, encouraging a spirit of collaboration that goes beyond geographical boundaries,” he reiterated while stressing the importance of nurturing well-rounded individuals and affirming the varsity’s commitment to create an inclusive and culturally vibrant educational environment.
Expressing his excitement about the event, Cultural Officer, DSW, KU, Shahid Ali Khan, said that this festival is not just a competition, it’s a celebration of diversity, talent and unity among universities.
“We are here to showcase the cultural prowess and artistic finesse of the Kashmiri youth,” the statement added.


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