Khursheed Ahmad Sofi elected as President MC Hajin Employees Union

BANDIPORA: The Municipal Committee (MC) Hajin employees have chosen Khursheed Ahmad Sofi as the President of their Employee Union in a unanimous vote on Tuesday.
The announcement, made during a function held at Town Hall MC Hajin, reflects the collective trust and confidence placed in Khursheed Ahmad by his colleagues.
The election process highlighted the unity and solidarity among the MC Hajin employees, showcasing their commitment to a common leadership. Khursheed Ahmad, recognized for his dedication and commitment to the workforce’s welfare, has emerged as a prominent leader for the employee union.
Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support, Khursheed Ahmad acknowledged the responsibility that accompanies the position. As the newly elected president, he pledged to work tirelessly in addressing the concerns and aspirations of the employees, aiming to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment within MC Hajin.
Other elected members of the union include Abdul Majeed Bhat as the Secretary, Syed Shaheen as the Cashier, and Manzoor Ahmad, Shareef ud din, Bilal Ahmad, and Gh Ahmad Parray as members of the union.

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