Shaan-e-Kashmir Blood Donors Trust collaborates with LD Hospital for blood donation camp in Pampore

125 volunteers donating blood reflects people’s commitment to saving lives: Trust Chairman

Pampore: In a collaborative effort, Shaan-e-Kashmir Blood Donors and Lal Ded Hospital Srinagar organized a blood donation camp at Khrew area of Pampore Tehsil in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Saturday. The daylong event witnessed a commendable turnout, with 125 volunteers generously contributing blood.
The primary objective of the camp, organized at Sabir Shah Masjid, was to inspire individuals to voluntarily donate blood, emphasizing the crucial role it plays in saving the lives of those in need. This initiative reflects a collective commitment to addressing the critical demand for blood and underscores the community’s spirit of compassion and solidarity.
“The event, a testament to the altruistic spirit of the community, showcased the remarkable willingness of youth to contribute to the well-being of others,” Shaan-e-Kashmir Chairman told Kashmir Reader.
An impressive total of 125 pints of blood were generously donated by the enthusiastic youth of the town and other donors. The Chairman and General Secretary of People’s Welfare Trust Khrew expressed heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to the Shaan-e-Kashmir Blood Donors Trust, acknowledging the pivotal role played by the staff, volunteers, and youth in ensuring the resounding success of the blood donation camp in the area.
Special recognition was given to Riyaz Ahmad, a selfless blood donor of Kashmir, for his instrumental role in organizing the camp. The cooperation extended by the Public Health Centre (PHC) Khrew and the Executive Officer (EO) of Khrew Municipal played a crucial role in ensuring the seamless conduct of the blood donation camp, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts.
The event not only provided a platform for individuals to address the ongoing blood shortage but also highlighted the sense of solidarity and compassion within the community. The overwhelming response from the youth demonstrated their commitment to the welfare of fellow citizens, showcasing their readiness to step up in times of need.
This remarkable display of human endeavour, where individuals came together to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, is truly heartening. The collective efforts of all involved in the blood donation camp have undeniably made a significant impact, setting a commendable example for others to follow.
The invaluable contribution of the blood donors and the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders have positively addressed the blood supply shortage, serving as a testament to the spirit of altruism and community service. It is hoped that such initiatives will continue to thrive and inspire others to come forward and contribute towards the greater good. This marks the third instance where the town of Khrew has witnessed such a humane and selfless service to humanity.

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