BANDIPORA: In the picturesque town of Hajin, nestled along the meandering banks of the Jhelum River in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district, residents urge the government to pay attention to the islet in river Jehlum to be developed as a tourist destination in the town.
The locals said there are so many tourist spots which if developed can attract thousands of tourists.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Mir Bashir Ahmad said that the islet in the middle of the river Jehlum in Hajin is the best tourist destination in the town which needs government attention to develop it properly.
Believing in the transformative power of proper development, he emphasized that this hidden gem could not only draw thousands of tourists but also become a source of livelihood for the people of Hajin.
“We have the best tourist destination right here in the Islet on the river Jhelum, waiting to be developed,” Sheeraz Ahmad said.
He highlighted the economic benefits such development could bring to the town, providing both a scenic retreat for visitors and a means for locals to generate income.
“The government is making all efforts to promote tourism in Kashmir, hopefully, they will pay special attention to developing this islet (Zoo) as well,” Sheeraz said. He urged the government to extend its focus to this potential haven in Hajin.
The locals appealed for a narrative that not only enhances the town’s allure but also secures its place permanently on the tourism map.
“Transforming this islet into a tourist destination would not only attract visitors but also create job opportunities, breathing new life into the town,” they said.

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