Municipal Committee Hajin leads transformation for a clean and vibrant town

Bandipora: In an exemplary move towards creating a healthier and cleaner environment, the Municipal Committee Hajin has undertaken significant efforts to enhance the cleanliness and aesthetics of the town. Led by Executive Officer Hajin Fayaz Ahmad and supported by a dedicated team, the committee has implemented effective waste management systems, organized cleanliness drives, and upgraded public spaces, showcasing Hajin as a role model for town cleanliness.
Under the supervision of Fayaz Ahmad, the committee, particularly Sanitary Inspector Hilal Ahmad, has established a robust waste management system to ensure proper garbage disposal, reducing the environmental impact. Regular waste collection drives and awareness campaigns have encouraged residents to actively participate in maintaining cleanliness.
The ongoing beautification projects for parks and recreational areas not only enhance the town’s visual appeal but also create inviting spaces for community enjoyment. This strategic approach aims to instill a sense of community pride and responsibility for the town’s cleanliness.
The success of these initiatives is attributed to the active engagement of the people. Sanitary Inspector Hilal Ahmad highlighted that MC Hajin regularly organizes cleanliness drives involving citizens of all ages, fostering collaboration among schools, businesses, and community groups.
To address challenges like littering and improper disposal, the committee has implemented strict penalties for offenders and is running educational programs to raise awareness about the consequences of irresponsible waste management.
Residents of Hajin have commended the Municipal Committee for its proactive approach, visible improvements, and dedication to creating a clean and green environment. The committee’s commitment not only enhances the residents’ quality of life but also contributes to the overall development and positive image of Hajin.
As other municipalities seek to replicate this success, the Municipal Committee Hajin serves as a shining example of how a united community, supported by proactive governance, can transform a town into a model of cleanliness and civic responsibility.


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