TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee mimics Dhankhar again, accuses him of trying to flatter PM

New Delhi: Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Kalyan Banerjee has once again mimicked Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, reiterating his earlier stance that it was an act of art and that if someone doesn’t understand it, he can’t do anything.
“If someone does not understand art, what can I do? If someone does not understand humour, if someone does not have a cultured mind, if someone identifies himself as the target, I am helpless,” he said.
The TMC leader also accused the VP of crying like a child.
“I can’t understand why you think it is about you, he’s crying from day to night. Why is he crying so much, like a child?” the Trinamool MP said.
Dhankhar had taken strong exceptions of Banerjee’s act of mimicking him outside Parliament and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi recording it.
He claimed it was an insult to his farmer background and that of his Jat caste. However, Banerjee shot back and took a Rs 20 lakh suit’ jibe at him.
“You say you are a farmer’s son. You wear a suit worth ₹ 20 lakh. Many Indian farmers can’t even afford a blanket in this winter. So after rising to such a position, how many lakh blankets have you sent to their homes. Please tell the people,” he said.
“You say you are a farmer’s son. Then tell us, during your career as a lawyer, how many times have you fought a case for farmers? I have done it. I have fought cases for the poor for 40 years,” he added.
The TMC leader, who was among the 147 Opposition MPs suspended from Parliament, also questioned Dhankhar’s silence on the issue of wrestlers.
Olympic medalist Sakshi Malik and other women wrestlers have accused powerful BJP MP Brijbushan Sharan Singh of sexual assault. Malik, a Jat from Haryana, also quit wrestling over the issue.
“You didn’t speak a word, why? Please answer… “Just me, me, me despite being on such a high post,” he said.
The TMC leader claimed that Dhankhar is trying the flatter the prime minister, without giving any reasons behind it.
“You choke the voices of the Opposition. And then you say Narendra Modi is the ‘Mahapurush’ of this century. It is clear how much you flatter him,” he added.

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