Gujarat Giants beat Rajasthan Warriors to begin Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2 with victory

Cuttack: Gujarat Giants produced a complete performance in attack and defence as they defeated Rajasthan Warriors 41-30 to begin their Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2 campaign on a winning note here on Monday.
P Narasayya contributed to the Giants’ win with eight points while Sanket Kadam and Suyash Gargate secured six points each.
Shubham Thorat, Abhinandan Patil and Akshay Bhangare defended brilliantly for more than 6.53 minutes to earn crucial dream run bonus points for the winning team.
Gujarat Giants stayed on the top of the game from the get-go as they earned a dream run in the first turn, allowing Rajasthan Warriors to get only 14 points. They maintained their positive intent when they switched to chase and notched up 22 points to obtain a big lead in the first inning.
Rajasthan Warriors began the second inning aggressively and got the first batch of Gujarat’s defence in just 1.30 minutes. Gujarat Giants then earned two dream run bonus points to turn the match completely in their favour.
Rajasthan managed to gain 16 points during the third turn but it wasn’t enough as Gujarat secured 16 points in turn four as well to clinch the contest.
Gujarat Giants will now clash with Mumbai Khiladis on Tuesday while defending champions Odisha Juggernauts will face Chennai Quick Guns in their second match of the season.

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