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Awantipora: In a groundbreaking development, the soil testing laboratory at SKUAST-Kashmir’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) in the Malangpora area of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district is bringing about significant changes in the agricultural landscape. Equipped with advanced technology and staffed by skilled experts, this facility supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, is revolutionizing farming practices and enhancing crop yields for numerous farmers in the region.
The soil testing lab has emerged as a vital resource, providing comprehensive insights into soil fertility levels and nutrient content. Through precise analysis of soil samples, farmers can now make informed decisions on the judicious use of fertilizers and other agricultural inputs, resulting in optimized crop production and reduced costs.
The dedicated team of Soil Testing Lab, headed by Syed Shujat Hussain serves as the Soil Scientist Incharge in the lab.
Mohammad Abbas Ganaie works as the field Communication Lab Assistant, Showkat Ahmad Ganaie and Javaid Ahmad Rather work as lab attendants involved in testing, officials told Kashmir Reader.
Notably, the lab goes beyond mere soil testing, offering farmers essential knowledge and training on soil analysis. This empowerment enables farmers to test their soil and sow seeds according to their land’s specific needs, contributing to increased production and income.
The positive impact of this initiative is evident in success stories shared by farmers who have experienced a significant boost in crop quality and yield after implementing the lab’s recommendations. Small-scale farmers, once struggling for profitable harvests, now report remarkable improvements, leading to enhanced financial stability for their families.
Farmers expressed gratitude for the lab, emphasizing its unique role in providing insights into soil quality, guiding fertilizer usage, recommending medicines, and determining irrigation needs. They consider the soil testing lab as a cornerstone, surpassing other schemes implemented by the government to stabilize the agriculture sector.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Chief Scientist, and Head KVK Malangpora, Dr. Javaid Ahmad Mugloo, highlighted the lab’s extensive impact, with soil tests conducted in the lakhs. He said the lab not only provides soil testing facilities but also educates farmers on how to assess soil quality.
Dr. Mugloo expressed delight at the lab’s accomplishments, stating, “The soil testing lab is a testament to our commitment to empowering farmers with the necessary tools and knowledge to maximize their agricultural potential. We are thrilled to see the tangible benefits it has brought to our farming community.”
“Our Soil Testing Lab, established in 2008, focuses on analyzing crucial factors such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, organic carbon, pH, and electrical conductivity. Balancing these nutrients in the soil is essential for optimal crop production. The analysis we conduct helps ensure that the nutrients in our soil are balanced, leading to better yields. All these services are provided to farmers at minimum charges,” he added.
Till date, the lab has conducted 2.5 lakh samplings, receiving samples not only from across South Kashmir but also some from Srinagar. They provide facilities for these samples at minimum charges, extending this service to farmers in the region, he added.
Dr. Javid added that samples are received from areas such as Pulwama, Kulgam, Anantnag, and especially the Saffron areas of Pampore. After analyzing these samples, we identify specific nutrient deficiencies and advise farmers on how to address them effectively, enabling them to enhance crop harvests, he said, adding that this guidance is provided to individuals after the testing process.
Meanwhile, World Soil Day 2023 was celebrated by SKUAST-Kashmir at KVK Malangpora Pulwama on Tuesday. The theme for this year is “Soil and Water – A source of Life” The programme was attended by a large gathering of farmers, students, senior citizens, scientists and staff of KVK Pulwama.
Dr. Javaid Mugloo in his inaugural address emphasized the importance of soil health for sustainable agriculture. He stressed upon the participants to minimise the use of chemical fertilisers and non-degradable plastics to maintain soil fertility, KVK officials told Kashmir Reader.
Dr. Syed Shujat, Scientist Soil Science gave a comprehensive presentation about the importance of soil health for the maintenance of flora, fauna and soil microclimate. On the occasion, a pledge to take care of the planet and the human community by taking care of the soil was also taken. Later on the day soil health cards to more than 200 farmers were also distributed.

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