Srinagar: Marengo Asia Hospitals stands as a preferred destination for organ transplants amongst which heart and lung transplants remain the highest-end and most complex surgeries in healthcare. The Lung Transplant Program in the hospital is led by Dr Jnanesh Thakkar, Director Lung Transplant, and his team.
One of the common factors affecting the lungs is interstitial lung disease which refers to a diverse group of disorders characterized by inflammation and scarring (fibrosis) of the interstitium, the tissue that surrounds and supports the lungs air sacs. These diseases can lead to progressive lung damage and impaired functions of the organ. Interstitial lung diseases are caused by various factors such as environmental exposures, autoimmune diseases, infections, and genetic components.
The typical symptoms of interstitial lung disease are shortness of breath, dry cough that is persistent and can worsen over time, fatigue, weight loss, and clubbing of fingers and toes. The diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases is done by a study of the medical history of the patient, imaging studies that can reveal patterns of lung involvement, Pulmonary function tests to measure the capacity and function of the lungs, and finally, a biopsy that may be necessary to confirm and determine a specific type of interstitial lung disease.
Treatment for interstitial lung diseases can be with anti-inflammatory medications, immunosuppressive drugs if the disease is associated with auto-immune disorders, and oxygen therapy to alleviate shortness of breath and improve oxygen levels in the blood. When these options are not effective in resurrecting the lung functions, the patient has to undergo a lung transplant.
Dr. Jnanesh Thakkar, Director – Lung Transplant Program says, Organ transplantation requires highly integrated cross-functional and multidisciplinary delivery of care, where each member of the team functions in perfect alignment and at the highest level of expertise. Lung Transplantation is one of the most complex surgeries of all organ transplants to replace an ailing lung from a deceased donor. We are performing the surgeries and creating an ecosystem where spreading awareness is a key component to understanding the symptoms and approaching a lung specialist for the right treatment at the earliest. We hope to step up the lung transplant program with increasing awareness on organ donation so that we can save more and more lives of patients at end-stage lung failure.

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