ICTA-JK ignites technological renaissance in J&K

Welcomes govt initiatives and charting a global trajectory

Srinagar: The Information Communication Technology Association of Jammu and Kashmir (ICTA-JK) is thrilled to announce its resurgence, marking a significant leap in technological growth within the region. In a recent meeting, luminaries of the association convened to exchange ideas and renew their commitment to ICTA-JK’s mission. The meeting resulted in swift actions to re-energize the association and establish a robust framework for future activities, emphasizing transparent and effective decision-making.
Members of ICTA-JK applaud the Government’s visionary steps, including the allocation of land for dedicated ICT zones and the introduction of schemes fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The association enthusiastically welcomes these initiatives, recognizing their pivotal role in creating an ecosystem conducive to the growth of the local ICT sector.
As ICTA-JK forges ahead, the association calls for comprehensive support from the Government, both locally and on national and international fronts. ICTA-JK anticipates collaboration and assistance to empower local ICT entrepreneurs and existing companies, enabling them to transcend regional boundaries and make a mark on the global stage.
Acknowledging the rapidly evolving ICT landscape, ICTA-JK is committed to acting as a catalyst for growth, innovation, and collaboration within the region. The recent meeting emphasized increased engagement among members, heightened visibility in the media, and strategic collaborations with government entities, academia, and other stakeholders. The association is poised to spearhead initiatives invigorating the ICTA industry and contributing to the technological advancement and growth of Jammu and Kashmir.
Members are encouraged to actively engage in this transformative journey, recognizing the pivotal role they play in shaping the future of ICT in Jammu and Kashmir. With a global outlook and a commitment to excellence, ICTA-JK is poised to lead the charge in fostering a technological renaissance in the region.
In addition, ICTA members actively participated in the 18th Foundation Day of Academia and Industry Enclave 3.0 at IUST yesterday, inaugurated by Lt. Governor Sh. Manoj Sinha. ICTA appreciates the initiatives by IUST and the authorities and lauds the Governor’s efforts in the development of the industry in J&K. ICTA-JK is gearing up for increased involvement with academia and the government in this regard, aiming to harness the startup wave in J&K and keenly offering help and support for the betterment.
About ICTA-JK:
The Information Communication Technology Association of Jammu and Kashmir (ICTA-JK) is a dynamic association registered under the Societies Act of India in 2011. Committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the ICT sector, ICTA-JK serves as a catalyst for technological advancements, providing a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and advocacy within the region.

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