International Sqay player from Pampore wins Gold at 37th National Games

Arsalan Mehraj Mir brings pride to hometown, elevates his status as a rising star in sports
Sqay Martial Arts part of our culture, we should promote it: Grandmaster Mir Nazir

Pampore: In a remarkable achievement, Arsalan Mehraj Mir from Saffron town Pampore clinched the gold medal at the 37th National Games hosted in Goa. His exceptional performance has brought pride to his hometown and elevated his status as a rising star in the sporting arena.
The sporting event, known for its fierce competition, witnessed Arsalan’s exceptional skills and dedication, as he outshone competitors from across the nation.
Having already established himself as a force to be reckoned with, Arsalan boasts an impressive track record with three gold medals in international competitions. His latest triumph at the National Games adds another illustrious accolade to his growing list of achievements.
Arsalan Mehraj’s journey to success has been marked by perseverance and a commitment to excellence. The Saffron town native has not only brought glory to his hometown but has also become a symbol of inspiration for aspiring martial arts across the country.
This victory underscores Arsalan’s unparalleled prowess in Sqay, a martial art that demands a combination of agility, precision, and strategic thinking. His remarkable feat of securing a total of 18 gold medals at the national level and International level reflects not only his individual skill but also his consistent dominance in the Sqay arena. The win not only highlights the individual excellence of Arsalan but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes in Pampore and beyond.
As news of Arsalan’s triumph spreads, the Saffron town Pampore erupts in celebration, proud to be home to such a remarkable sportsman. The entire nation joins in applauding Arsalan Mehraj Mir, resident of Drangbal Pampore for his exceptional performance and contribution to the rich tapestry of Indian martial arts.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Arsalan said, “I recently participated in the 37th National Games held in Goa, inaugurated by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. I am very happy to have represented Jammu and Kashmir. We had 27 players from J&K participating, and in Sqay martial arts, we won 9 gold, 5 bronze, and 5 silver medals. I am grateful for the support of my coach, Mir Nazir Ahmad, and I want to express my thanks to my parents who supported me in the national games.”
Under the guidance of dedicated grandmaster coach Mir Nazir Ahmad and deputy grandmaster coach Bashir Ahmad both from Saffron town Pampore, these athletes displayed remarkable techniques and strategic brilliance, outshining their competitors and earning the admiration of spectators and fellow participants.
He said “I won a gold medal in Sqay martial arts at the National Games in Goa, along with the entire J&K Sqay martial arts team. I want to express my gratitude to my coach, Mir Nazir Ahmad, and also thank my parents who supported me throughout these national games.”
The coach Nazir Ahmad is the founder and grand coach of Sqay martial arts. This game is a traditional martial art originating from Kashmir, specifically unique to Kashmiri culture. It has its roots deeply embedded in Kashmir.
Arsalan added, “I have previously won 15 gold medals in national competitions and participated in three international games, securing three gold medals. Recently, I also won a gold medal in an international competition held in Nepal. I have been playing martial arts since childhood. I completed my schooling at Salafi Model School in Pampore, and recently, I joined Amar Singh College, where I am currently in the second semester.” He conveyed a message to the youth, urging them to stay away from drugs, and not to ruin their lives.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, grandmaster Nazir said that the recently concluded 37th National Games was a successful one. He expressed optimism about the upcoming 38th international event in Uttarakhand. “We hope our players will deliver a strong performance and illuminate the name of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory.”
Nazir said that Sqay martial art is a traditional game, a heritage of Jammu and Kashmir. “It’s a part of our culture, and every Kashmiri should come forward to promote it. It becomes our right to advance Kashmiri culture,” he said.
The coach mentioned that he has taken the initiative to work on preserving the region’s traditions. Currently, it is not only played throughout the country but also in 62 countries, representing Kashmiri martial arts globally.
He said, “Initially, there were some difficulties in adopting and promoting certain things, whether it was introducing or encouraging hard work. However, I am grateful to Allah that, at present, it is not only played well in our country but also in other countries.”
Nazir is the Technical Chairman of the Indian body of the organization he is running and serves as the Secretary of the international federation. “I oversee the technical and administrative aspects of all the events happening at that time, and each country has its own body. Recently, a new body has been formed for the Indian federation. Before that, I was the secretary of the Indian federation. In the recent elections, I did not contest, as I was already the secretary of the international body. So, I am overseeing the technical aspects throughout India.”
He expressed, “Considering the current scenario and the worsening situation, where children are turning to drug use, it’s disheartening to witness the decline in our society and the upcoming generation. However, a noteworthy aspect is that, upon surveying, we found that there are very few sports enthusiasts, and those involved in drugs show less interest in sports. I urge parents to involve their children in sports so that they stay away from drugs. When a child avoids drugs and engages in sports, not only will it lead to a healthier society, but it will also contribute to the well-being of our nation.”

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