Green Campus Programme takes strides to transform campuses into eco-friendly spaces

Organises workshop in Baramulla school

Baramulla: In a commendable initiative, the Green Campus Programme is actively working towards transforming educational institutions into environmentally sustainable spaces. The Climate Reality Project, dedicated to educating and advocating for climate change awareness, conducted a program at The Cambridge Foundation School in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Saturday.
The program was attended by Project Manager Aadil Bhat, Sheezan Rasool, Consultant for the Green Campus Programme, Programme Coordinator for the Green Campus Programme Nadeem Dar, as well as teachers and students, officials told Kashmir Reader.
Aadil Bhat, Programme Manager, and Sheezan Rasool, Consultant, Green Campus Programme, highlighted the program’s objectives, emphasizing the commitment to help campuses turn into green havens. Under this program, teachers and students receive specialized training, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the creation of a green campus. The focus extends beyond mere aesthetics, with a dedicated effort to solidify the quality of education and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
Bhat underscored the significance of developing means to combat climate change, aligning with the broader agenda of the Green Campus Programme. The initiative not only aims to make campuses green but also strives to foster a sustainable environment by promoting cleanliness and eradicating pollution.
Expressing the need for collective action, Aadil urged widespread participation in adopting the Green Campus Program. His call to action encourages communities to embrace the initiative, contributing to the larger goal of creating green and sustainable areas.
As educational institutions increasingly recognize their role in environmental stewardship, the Green Campus Programme stands as a beacon of change, inspiring campuses to go beyond traditional norms and actively engage in creating a healthier and greener future.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Programme Manager Green Campus Aadil Bhat said that today they organized a workshop at The Cambridge Foundation School in Baramulla regarding the Green Campus Programme. Over the past 3-4 months, they have been running the Green Campus Program, a flagship Programme of the Climate Reality Project, aiming to educate and advocate for climate change. They provide teacher training, assist schools in development, and assess the progress of individual schools. He said they are grateful for the support from the Director of School Education Kashmir, who provided 100 government schools across all 10 districts for their intervention. They are currently working with around 50 private schools, conducting training and advocating the implementation of GCP. The project, led by Rekha Lalla, has trained over ten thousand teachers over the past few years across various states of the country, including vulnerable ones like Odisha and Maharashtra.
Aadil Bhat highlighted about the positive response from schools in Kashmir, urging more schools to participate in creating green campuses and contributing to community action for quality education and climate action. They aim to foster sustainable communities, emphasizing the encouraging response from schools so far and expressing participation for more schools to join the initiative.
Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Aadil Kashmiri, Chairman of The Cambridge School in Baramulla, said that a program has been implemented in their school as part of the Green Campus Programme. The program has specific goals aimed at transforming the entire campus into an environmentally friendly space. He mentioned that, in addition to this, teachers and students receive training on how to make their campus a green one. He added that the program aims to solidify quality education, reduce the impacts of climate change, and create effective means to address climate change challenges. He stated that the agenda of the program includes making the environment clean and pure, as well as eliminating pollution. He further urged everyone to actively participate in adopting the program, encouraging them to contribute to making their areas green.

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