Awantipora: In a collaborative effort, the Municipal Committee of Awantipora, in collaboration with the Pollution Control Board Pulwama, Forest Protection Force and Police, conducted an anti-polythene drive in the Awantipora area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Tuesday.
The joint initiative targeted single-use plastic and polythene, aiming to curb their widespread usage and promote environmental consciousness, officials told Kashmir Reader.
During the drive, authorities cracked down on various shopkeepers in the Awantipora town, leading to the recovery of a substantial quantity of polythene. Stringent action was taken against violators, with fines imposed on the spot as a deterrent measure. The collaborative effort emphasized the importance of immediate penalties to discourage the use of harmful materials detrimental to the environment.
The seized polythene was promptly destroyed by the Municipal Committee of Awantipora, ensuring that the recovered plastic did not find its way back into the market.
Talking to Kashmir Reader Pollution Control Board Officer Pulwama said a joint drive against polythene was conducted in Awantipora.
“Today, a joint drive against polythene was conducted in the Awantipora market area by the Pollution Control Board, Municipal Committee Awantipora, Forest Protection officers and Police. This special drive was initiated against polythene usage and violation of SOPs, as it has been banned. We are here in Awantipora today following the government’s directive to completely eradicate polythene, and we are striving for its complete elimination,” he said.
The officer further said that such drives are conducted regularly in various locations because the eradication of polythene is crucial since it is banned.
During today’s drive, we have recovered a huge quantity of polythene from various shopkeepers, and fines have been imposed on those found with polythene, the officer said, adding, “In this drive, we have already recovered a substantial amount of polythene, and this drive will continue until the goal of eradicating polythene is achieved.”

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