Grandparents Are Ravishing Diamonds

Grandparents Are Ravishing Diamonds

It is pure love that does not need any cause to initiate the process

In simple words, homes without grandparents seem empty and monotonous. Therefore, a beautiful smile at home is our grandparents. Grandparents’ love is purely unconditional and unmatched and one cannot express it in real words. It has neither limited the boundary of extension nor any rule set for making it more dignified. Love of any kind manifests an outpouring of feelings that describe values and bonding with someone. A father and a mother as parents share an equal amount of love for their children because of having blood relations with them. Similarly, grandparents love their grandchildren unconditionally and pray for their good health and prosperity. It is pure love that does not need any cause to initiate the process. This strong bonding explicitly depicts a sign of fortunes which is reflected on faces having splendid spectrum. No one can stop or taint this natural bonding as it has been growing up in fragranced veins and laps for giving comfort and care. Grandparents’ love is the only love in this universe that needs no explanation for justifying its degree of amount. None of us could measure the fathom of it. This is so fruitful and matchless in every aspect. It has such beautiful lenses fitted inside that reflect the true colours of bonding.
Grandparents’ love starts evolving when their sons and daughters are having children. It is bound to happen that love for grandchildren is so irresistible laden with hard feelings and attachment. Grandparents get so excited and cheerful when their grandchildren start crawling and walking. Stages of development go on and grandparents’ love gets more intensified taking this bond on a new path for flourishing. A storm of happiness marks the day with colourful impressions when grandchildren start talking to their parents by calling Abbu, Mumma, Dada, Dadi. Grandparents’ positive expression at the moment is only that it is just a blessing that came from the divine. Overwhelming atmosphere that spreads across families and relatives and fills up the hearts with spirit and charm. Grandparents can only explain the meaning of this unconditional bond with their grandchildren and it is true that children also love them very much when they grow old. Bonding of such type gives new hope to families and discovers the qualities of love for peace and pleasure. Grandchildren recognise their grandparents well and get them inclined that they have given them a lot of love and care at some stages. It further develops a sense of closeness and deep affection that is hard to break. It is not any tale coming to hear us from our ancestors but it is true that grandparents love their grandchildren undoubtedly having a much stronger bond fastened with divine ropes. They always pray for their health and successful life. It is usually seen on their lips by giving blessings to their grandchildren like “May Allah give you a high position and more respect”.
I shall cite this example. My grandmother is above 80 years old. She is still in good health and has a good understanding and experience of things. She usually visits our house to see our faces as we are just a stone’s throw from my maternal uncle’s house. We all feel on cloud nine when we see her in the mornings as she is our blessing. We also go to meet her in the evening to see her face. She prays for our success and prosperity in life. We also make her happy by telling her so many things just to make her relax. Her nature of talking is so wonderful that we can’t imagine at this age. We always see her in happy mode and she keeps hiding some essential food items for us like sweets, fruits mostly apples, pears etc, All of us (cousins) love to sit with her making her feel comfortable and happy. She has an infinite affection for us that we can’t express in our own words. She searches for us when we are outside the house or go for some work. It is her love that triggers her inner feelings making her uncomfortable now and then. She gets so happy while seeing us very close and praying for us by putting her right hand on our heads.
Alhamdulillah! My maternal uncle and his wife spend a lot of time with her. My mother also visits her daily to see her face and health. I have a cousin’s brother, Shahid Rashid who makes her so happy by telling her some tidbits all the time to make her laugh. She bursts out laughing while listening to his funny words and expressions. All our relatives come to see her and ask about her health. It is high time for us to take blessings from her and to serve everything so that she feels more comfortable. Grandparents are indeed blessings in our homes and their love and sympathetic feelings are equal for the entire family. Homes flourish because of their presence. They relax our minds by sharing past experiences and events in Kashmir’s history. We can receive all kinds of information from them in terms of social, economic and cultural life in the past. One should not miss the moments to learn something new in life. It is so elegant and adorable time while we listen to their delicate words filled with utmost innocence. Their soothing voices are just like a panacea which relieves us from anxiety and sadness. We should respect and serve them more in old age as much as we can. They should not feel lonely and overburdened in their homes as they have no one to serve. They feel so delighted when we treat them with good gestures. A smiling gesture always appears to be a ravishing diamond.

The writer is a teacher and can be reached at [email protected]

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