School chronicles: Remembering the teachers who inspired us

School chronicles: Remembering the teachers who inspired us

Rehana Gulshan & Peer Mohammad Amir Qureshi

Teachers are held with high regard and importance. Knowledge and education are highly prized in Islamic tradition. Muslims are encouraged to express gratitude and respect for their teachers on a daily basis. In Islam, expressing thanks and pursuing knowledge are considered noble activities. Throughout their lives, Muslims are encouraged to pursue education and teachers play an important role in conveying this knowledge. Teachers’ Day is observed as a secular commemoration in many nations around the world, including some with largely Muslim populations, to commemorate and appreciate the contributions of teachers to society. This day frequently includes a variety of activities and events to express gratitude to teachers for their contribution to education. Teachers get gifts of appreciation from their students on this day, which can range from scrumptious chocolates to fragrant nosegays and even utilitarian stationery products. However, such appreciation, honour, and respect shouldn’t be limited to a single day. Teachers deserve respect since they mould generations’ minds they deserve to be respected all of their lives
Throughout our journey from elementary to higher secondary education, we encountered a multitude of teachers; however, a select few etched an indelible imprint on hearts and memories. When the time comes to express our gratitude, my deepest appreciation extends to the esteemed mentor, Reehana ma’am. Her educational expertise resembled a theatrical performance in which she conveyed wisdom to us without fail and with unshakable passion. Her hard efforts were filled with tremendous enthusiasm and unyielding devotion, leaving an indelible mark on our eager brains. I distinctly recollect my elementary school days when our remarkable teacher despite her role in a private institution, would unfailingly grace us with her personal calendars to adorn our notebooks. Beyond the mere transmission of knowledge, she intricately wove life’s lessons into her teachings. Her nurturing of our communication skills remains etched as the most cherished aspect of her pedagogy. Her enduring influence has not been confined to me alone; whenever my circle of friends reunites today, her name resounds in collective reminiscence. She not only imparted knowledge but also indelibly etched her presence on the canvas of our memories.
I began my academic journey as a lacklustre student in a government school, and my transition to an English medium institution, Melbourne Educational Institute in Serch Ganderbal, proved to be a formidable challenge. In those initial stages of my education, I struggled to keep pace with my peers. However, it was during this trying period that a remarkable teacher, Sabia ma’am, emerged as my guiding light. She generously invested her precious time and nurtured my intellectual growth, even going so far as to lend a supportive hand in guiding my early attempts at writing. Sabia ma’am’s love and boundless patience stood as the vibrant threads that wove my academic growth. Nasreena ma’am, though young herself, was a beacon of love and a kindred soul, nurturing us as a mother would her children. And I couldn’t forget Bilques ma’am, our English teacher, a guardian figure who poured her heart and soul into teaching us. I vividly recall her animated lessons, where she belted out word meanings with passion. As time swept us away from those cherished days, we found ourselves inquisitive about the whereabouts of these exceptional mentors. Perhaps they have embarked on the journey of marriage and parenthood, passing on their wisdom to the next generation. We fervently hope their own children encounter teachers as extraordinary as they were. We owe our very existence to our incredible teachers, who have shaped us into who we are today. Words alone cannot capture their impact, and if we were to recount their stories, time itself would run short. Our hearts are filled with deep gratitude and admiration for these guiding lights in our lives. May the blessings of Almighty Allah pour upon them, and may their days be filled with boundless love and happiness.

Rehana Gulshan is pursuing BA from GDC Ganderbal and Peer Mohammad Amir Qureshi is pursuing MSc in Zoology. They can be reached at [email protected]

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