DSW holds lecture on ‘relevance of Gandhi’s ideology in present scenario’

Ganderbal: The Department of Students Welfare (DSW), Central University of Kashmir (CUK) organised a special lecture on “Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s Ideology in Present Scenario” by Padma Shri, Dr. S.P. Verma, President Gandhi Global Family, J&K, at varsity’s Tulmulla campus here Thursday.
Dean Academic Affairs, Prof. Shahid Rasool, Dean DSW and Finance Officer, Dr. Mehraj ud Din Shah, writer Mr. Bashir Budgami, coordinators of the departments, faculty members, research scholars and students were present on the occasion.
Addressing the participants, Dr. S.P. Verma, said the ideology, philosophy and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi are still relevant during contemporary times. “While the world has changed significantly and drastically since Gandhi’s time, many of his principles and ideas still hold valuable insights that can address contemporary challenges,” Dr. Verma said.
“Gandhi’s principle of non-violence remains a powerful tool for addressing conflicts and promoting social change. In a world marked by political tensions, social unrest, and environmental concerns, the practice of non-violence can help foster dialogue, understanding, and peaceful resolutions,” he further said. Dr. Verma said that 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, adopted by the United Nations as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and prosperity in the world, revolve around Gandhian philosophy and ideology.
He said that Mahatma Gandhi has ardent followers across the globe, who continue to follow his path and asked the students and other youngsters to adapt his (Gandhi’s) ideas to overcome the present day challenges and difficulties. Dr. Verma also hailed the university for starting Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and said the varsity should also start some programmes to promote the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.
Speaking on the occasion, Dean Academic Affairs, Prof. Shahid Rasool, said that Mahatma Gandhi fought against discrimination and inequality based on caste, religion, and other factors. “His ideas are still relevant in addressing contemporary issues related to social justice, discrimination, and inequalities,” Prof. Shahid said. He further said Mahatma Gandhi believed in empowering local communities and promoting self-governance. “Such approach can help address issues of centralization of power and decision-making, and promote grassroots development,” he further added.
In his address, Dean DSW and Finance Officer, Dr. Mehraj ud Din Shah, said that Mahatma Gandhi has fought against the evils of racism and casteism and played a pivotal role in the freedom struggle of the country. “Mahatma Gandhi is not only a leader, but a social reformist,” Dr Mehraj ud Din Shah said. He said Gandhi emphasized the importance of truth and honesty in personal and public life and advocated for simple living and self-sufficiency.
Dy Directors, DSW, Dr. Asif Khan, conducted the programme proceedings and Dr. Nusrat Jabeen proposed the vote of thanks.

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