US ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’ seeks to create Asia-Pacific version of NATO

US ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’ seeks to create Asia-Pacific version of NATO

New Delhi: China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang slammed the US-Indo Pacific Strategy, saying that it was created as an attempt to gang up to form “exclusive blocs” by plotting an Asia-Pacific version of NATO and added that it is “bound to fail.”

In the press conference, posted by Xinhua News Agency, Gang said, “The US-Indo Pacific strategy while purportedly aiming at upholding freedom and openness maintaining security and maintaining prosperity in a region is, in fact, an attempt to gang up to form exclusive blocs to provoke a confrontation by plotting as Asia Pacific version of NATO.” “The US claims to shape the strategic environment in which China operates actually reveals the purpose of its Indo-Pacific strategy which is to encircle China, such an attempt will only disturb ASEAN-centered open and inclusive regional cooperation architecture, and undermine the overall and long-term interests of regional countries. It is bound to fail,” he added.

The press conference was held during the first session of the 14th National Press Conference and it is also Qin’s first appearance in two sessions since he took office three months ago, according to Global Times.

Earlier, talking about its relationship with Russia, the Chinese Foreign Minister said that their relationship set a good example of international relations and is based on no alliance, no confrontation, Global Times reported.

Gang said, “China and Russia have found a path of major country relations featuring strategic trust and good neighbourliness, setting a good example for international relations.”

“China-Russia relationship is based on no alliance and no confrontation and it doesn’t target any third party. It is not a threat to any country, nor is it subject to any interference or discord sewn by any third party,” he added.

The Chinese Foreign Minister further stated that there were some countries who are inclined to view China-Russia relations through the lens of Cold War alliances, see nothing but their own image.

During the presser, he further stated that with China and Russia working together, the world will have the driving force toward multi-polarity and greater democracy in international relations. And global strategic balance and stability will be better insured.

The more unstable the world becomes the more imperative it is for China and Russia to steadily advance their relations, said Qin.

Qin noted that the leadership between the two countries maintains close contact. Head-of-state interaction is the compass and anchor of China-Russia relations, reported Global Times.



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