Leopard caught in Lasjan, shifted to Dachigam

Leopard caught in Lasjan, shifted to Dachigam

PAMPORE: Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Department officials captured a leopard from an under-construction House in the Lasjan area of Srinagar outskirts on Tuesday.

The wildlife officials informed Kashmir Reader that a leopard was captured by a team of wildlife experts from Range Office Khrew and Dachigam.

The team was led by Wildlife Range Officer Khrew Khursheed Ahmad and Wildlife Ranger Dachigam Mohammad Iqbal.

As per locals, the leopard was spotted in Baghander Lasjan early Tuesday morning after which they informed the wildlife department.

“We called the officials of the wildlife department after the leopard was spotted in the Lasjan area of Wuyan,” a local resident said, adding that the presence of the leopard had caused panic in the Lasjan and nearby areas.

Soon after the news spread that a big leopard was seen in the area, and announcements for people to stay indoors as the animal was roaming freely in the Lasjan area.

Wildlife Ranger Khrew Khurshid Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that they received a call from local residents at 9 am, that a leopard was seen in an under-construction house in the Lasjan area of Srinagar outskirts. He said that a team from Range Khrew and Dachigam reached the spot within no time with tranquilizer guns and captured the leopard after tranquilizing it.

The leopard was captured from under construction residential house in Lasjan without causing injury to anyone and was shifted to Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary. People heaved a sigh of relief after the Wildlife team captured the big cat.

Meanwhile, the locals of the Lasjan and nearby areas appreciated wildlife officials from the Range office Khrew and Dachigam for their timely action. “They secured the lives of residents and livestock from possible damage by capturing the leopard,” the locals said.


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