New Delhi: A day after some unidentified miscreants allegedly pelted stones at his residence in the National Capital, All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) president Asaduddin Owaisi said this was the fourth time his house was attacked, alleging that the people “believing in Nathuram Godse’s ideology” were behind the incident.

The AIMIM chief said there is a need to run a CCTV analysis to identify the culprits.

Police said on Sunday evening that some unidentified miscreants had allegedly pelted stones at the residence of Owaisi, and damaged windows.

Speaking to the reporters, Owaisi alleged that those who are behind the alleged attack know the party aligning with their ideology is in power.

“When Junaid and Nasir can be thrashed and charred in broad daylight, then who am I? Those who are doing all these are getting emboldened because they know their party is in power. Owaisi might be an MP but they are radicalised and think that they can fulfil their agenda through violence. This is the fourth time my house was attacked…they can be the people believing in Nathuram Godse’s ideology and violence. I do not know them individually,” he said.

“Police will give the exact information about the attack on my house. The central government and Delhi CP will have to look into this matter. I do not have CCTV cameras installed, there are several cameras on the streets that need to be checked,” the AIMIM chief added.

Stating that he is “ready to die” for his cause, Owaisi said that it is the nation which has to ponder if the country will be strengthened by those using violence.

Talking to a news agency, Owaisi said that a written complaint has been given in regard to the incident.

Owaisi in his complaint to Parliament Street Police Station, earlier alleged that a group of miscreants pelted stones at his residence, and damaged windows.

Following information, a team of Delhi police led by an Additional DCP visited his residence and collected evidence from the spot.

The AIMIM chief also said that this is the fourth such attack at his residence.

“This is the fourth time such an attack has taken place. The area surrounding my house has enough CCTV cameras, and the same may be accessed, and the culprits should be apprehended immediately. It is conceived that such acts of vandalism are happening in such a high-security zone,” the letter further stated.



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