Tips to Stay Motivated to Play Poker Online

How long have you been playing poker games online? A few weeks, a couple of months or close to a year? If you have just started off, you might be bursting with enthusiasm and go-getter vibes. A few losses initially also might not deter you from surging ahead. However, if you have been facing consecutive losses frequently, staying motivated might rise as a wall of challenges. Can you relate?

With this article, we are going to detail some of the time-tested online poker tips and strategies that can bring back your motivation. Stay tuned!

Online Poker and Motivation 

Motivation, you must have heard a lot of tips on this from across your peer and known circle. Motivation is nothing but an innate feeling that keeps us going forward no matter what, come rain or shine. Be it academics, skill development, professional work or even online games; motivation is our ultimate resort when you feel like bowing out. Motivation is the hope that pushes us to take the next step even if we feel like not moving. In online poker, staying motivated is the ultimate goal, as wins and failures are part of any game, for that matter.

If you are a casual online poker player, your motivation could be learning a new tact or boasting about your success. However, if you are into poker tournaments and cash-based poker games, staying motivated becomes even more important. While losing sometimes is beyond your control, you will have to sharpen your skills since your bankroll is at stake in cash-based poker games. Losing in the game and from a monetary standpoint may seriously challenge your motivation. And it’s the time when you need motivation in spades.

Set a Custom Goal

In most of the theories of motivation, goal setting usually is deemed the first step. Setting a goal helps you understand where you want to be and what you are trying to achieve, and these insights can fuel your motivation. In poker, you can set a public goal, wherein you can state how many games you are planning to play in a defined period of time, what your winning goal would be, and more aspects. Laying out these details in the open can make you feel more accountable for your actions. Even though some days, you might feel less motivated, you would know that other people, especially your counterparts, might be keeping an eye on your actions and their outcomes. This is a perfect way to keep yourself motivated amidst all adversaries.

Your Surrounding Can DIctate It All

We often hear that our set of friends dictates what type of person we are. While that might not be 100% accurate, it implies that we tend to assimilate behaviour, tendencies, decision-making capabilities, thought processes and much more from the people around us. In online poker, surrounding yourself with highly motivated players, go-getters, and positive thinkers is probably one of the best online poker tips and strategies.

Take It As A Game A Step

You must have heard of this famous adage, “everything is fair in love and war”. In the online gaming ecosystem, anything may happen in a game, be it fantasy cricket, kabaddi or online poker. Your chances of winning or losing are 50-50. So, to stay optimally motivated, it’s important for you to understand that each poker game is unique in nature. No two hands dealt would be the same, and nor the counterparts. Your failure at one poker game might not imply that you won’t stand a chance to win big in the next.

Take it one game at a time, and try to analyse what led you to those soul-crushing failing circumstances. Once you identify the mistake, you will be better equipped for the next game. Each game would be an opportunity for you to live the moment, surpass your own milestones, and set new records.

So, let not only your success but also your failures in online poker be the motivational catalyst for you!

Find Your Kick

At times, no matter how much we try, motivation seems far-fetched. And online poker games might not inspire the requisite motivation at all times. Step out, look inwards, and understand what’s holding you back. Go on a walk, listen to some refreshing music, paint a picture, read a book or do whatever your heart desires. Freeing up your mental space sometimes helps you gain your motivation back.

Wrapping Up

Paytm brings to your First Games, the ultimate platform for online poker. Make the most of this today. Remember, once you are motivated, nothing can beat you in online poker!

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