Green Valley Felicitates Student Who Cracked IIT

Self control, discipline key to a successful life: CEO Wani

SRINAGAR: The CEO of Green Valley Educational Institute (GVEI), Mohammad Yousuf Wani, while congratulating Mehran Farooq Shah, a former student of his school who cracked the JEE Advanced test recently, said that greatness of character is something that can be developed through constant self-discipline and self-control in order to reach great heights in life.
Mehran, who scored an all India rank of 5891 in the recently declared JEE Advanced Test, attended GVEI up to the 10th where after he studied at Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Jawahar Nagar.
Speaking during the event, Wani stressed the need of maintaining total focus on one’s goal and investing all of one’s energy in accomplishing it.
“Achieving anything in life is not a difficult undertaking, but it does need patience, persistence, and discipline,” he remarked. “Mehran, who has a humble upbringing, taught us the way forward on how one might use these qualities to attain his desired objective.”
While recalling Mehran as a former pupil of the school, vice principal Riyaz Ahmad Kathjoo, said success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.
“In today’s cutthroat competition, it is easy to lose concentration amid all the distractions accessible to a child, which is dangerous,” Kathjoo said. “Nothing is impossible if one keeps moving steadily toward their goal, as Mehran has demonstrated.”
Mehran, while speaking before the audience, said that anyone can crack the toughest examinations with a few tips up his sleeve.
“One need not work hard to accomplish what is possible,” he said. “Almost any exam can be cracked with a little push and regular practice.”
According to Mehran, self-study is necessary at the professional level because it saves you from a significant time loss.
He thanked his teachers, mentors and parents for supporting him all through this journey, especially the RISE coaching centre that, he said, opened his vision to the outside world.
“At first, I knew nothing about IITs, but the tutors at the RISE coaching centre gave me a platform from which I could easily launch myself,” Mehran remarked. “I received a lot of emotional support from my parents, especially my father, who also served as my mentor.”

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