Opportunity vs Fate

Opportunity vs Fate

There are two kinds of people living around us. One are those who yield to fate and demonstrate a firm belief to be directed by it. They are of the view that their lives are the result of their luck. They lead their lives following the schemes of stars and creases on their palms. The second are those who toil day in and day out, taking recourse to intellect, reason, talent and hard work without the excuse of giving in to luck. They rely more on logic and rationality than on luck and fate. They try to achieve everything they desire with dedication, determination and commitment. They always prowl around in search of an opportunity and once they have their sight on it, they swoop it up and leverage it to their benefit. At some point, they become so disciplined, focused and prepared that they don’t look for opportunities but opportunities are in pursuit of them. Someone put it rightly, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”.

If your mind is progressive, life will offer you limitless opportunities. It depends on how thirsty you are for growth and success. Once you are all set, opportunities will run flocking to you. You don’t need to be brilliant or super intelligent, you just have to get your basics right, and then you will watch yourselves thrive in myriad ways. ”Opportunities are usually disguised by hard work, so most people don’t recognize them,” said Ann Landers. They often arrive in the guise of diligence and commitment. However, there are people who are afraid of working hard, which is the reason they miss golden opportunities in their lives. If you aspire to seek opportunities, they do not occur overnight; it takes months and years to fully make use of an opportunity. Albert Einstein stated,” I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right.”

To create an opportunity, vision plays a pivotal role in materialising it. Stronger the vision, greater the chances of success. In order to create an opportunity, Rob Moore has discussed four steps, which are as under:

  1. Create the conditions: It refers to changing your mindset, behaviour and environment. It lays emphasis on learning from mistakes and pushing hard through your limits. You don’t have to squander your time waiting for things to happen. You have to get up, step out of your comfort zone and turn the stumbling blocks into stairs to ascend towards your goals.
  2. Spot the opportunity: It means keeping vigil at opportunities whenever they arrive and grabbing them. It tells you to look out for opportunities which suit you best and push you closer to your goals.
  3. Prepare: Here you need to examine and analysis the opportunities. Once they are feasible, find out their pros and cons and swing into action, exploiting it to your benefit.
  4. Make a decision: It lays stress on making a decision about whether to avail this opportunity or not, based on your analysis and examination done previously. If you are certain about taking this opportunity, make no delay and start working on it.

It takes courage and commitment to look for an opportunity and seize it right away. To do so, there are few things to be taken into consideration.

  1. Self-awareness: You have to discover yourselves to find out your strength and weakness. What you are mostly passionate about, what keeps you interested. Self-awareness principally is about identifying the purpose of your existence. Once it becomes clear, you won’t turn around but stay relentlessly in pursuit of your purpose.
  2. Increasing visibility: It does not mean posting on social media handles round the clock that may sound weird but it is presenting yourselves in front of people who are more accomplished and putting yourselves in situations where opportunities await. So, be more visible and enlarge your social network.
  3. Quick decision making: This is one of the traits that you need to bring about a change which will provide you with great opportunities. Make sure not to be swallowed up by thoughts. Things once planned need to be executed; this is how you reap the fruits.
  4. Overcoming procrastination: Make sure not to fall prey to procrastination, for it brings laziness and you keep putting off important tasks unnecessarily. Do the tasks assigned to you without piling them up.

“The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.” – Ayn Rand


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