SKT reviews works taken by administration

Srinagar: Shahre Khass Traders on Wednesday held an important meeting at the office at Khanyar Sringar. Meeting was presided by President SKT Bashir Ahmad Kanu, President verified from the core of SKT about the works agreed with Srinagar administration, and how much work is remained pending.
The Deputy Commissioner Srinagar had ordered the administration to complete the works within stipulated time but the ground reality is different. The pace of them work is very slow. We request the administration to speed up the works so that It will help the people of Shah re Khass
and make hundreds of youth to earn their livlihood through Shahre Khass Sunday Market. The Shar re Khass traders has full faith on Ajaz Asad sahab the he will take keen interest to take the discussed demands on its logical end.


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