Ghulam Hassan Mir demands compensation for haistorm victims in Kunzer

Srinagar: Apni Party Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir on Thursday expressed serious concern over the huge losses incurred upon the orchadist as their fruit crops were utterly devastated in Lalpora, Dhobiwan, parts of Mamoosa and other adjoining villages due to ominous hailstorms.
Mir, in a statement issued to the press, urged the government to provide immediate & adequate compensation to the affected orchardists and farmers in view of this natural catastrophe.
“The hailstorm alongwith gusty winds have inflicted huge damages to crops and orchards in various areas of Kunzer Constituency. The administration must dispatch assessment making teams to ground zero and prepare the damage list in order to lend necessary aid to these agriculturists and orchardists at this time of desolation,” he said.
Mir emphasized that the financial condition of the fruit growers and peasants was already abysmal as most of them were not even in a position to purchase fertilizers & pesticides for their crops. “Most of them have already taken loans from the banks and now this calamity has further aggravated their pre-existing woes for which requisite steps need be taken by the government to end their sufferings,” he added.
He also urged the government for announcing special financial packages to the affected farmers, orchardists who have suffered extensive damages due to the hailstorm that wreaked havoc on their crops and hopes alike.

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