For those who don’t walk, there is no road

For those who don’t walk, there is no road

We don’t need to run after things because other people are running as well. If we fail, we ought to know why we failed and when we achieve our goal (if that is a destination) we should know what to do next.

Ever since I became conscious or a bit rational, I’ve been only hearing about success and failure. These two words often go hand in hand, I’ve been hearing, how failure is a part of success and how failure never means that we lost. It made me feel good to some extent, when nothing comforted. But now that I began thinking more clearly and transparently, I’ve realised that they forgot to mention what kind of failure exactly did they mean. I’ve witnessed failures myself, I’ve seen people who fail often and those who try hard but never make it to the top. But my point is that what about those who never try and fail, those who don’t know what success means, who have no idea why they have to work. If these kind of people fail, does it mean anything to them.
Those who never wanted to succeed, for them is failure a good thing? Can failure ever be a good thing? To fail does not mean we know nothing and can be counted among losers, but aren’t we supposed to learn from our failures? Of course it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to fall a hundred times before you get up on your feet, but it’s okay only when we realise how to take the next step, when we realise where we were wrong in the previous steps. It’s not fair to depend on this quote that failure leads to success, when you only failed because you couldn’t give it your all. After we try with all our might, after we leave no stone unturned, only then it is fair to call failure a ladder that will take us above. As for those who never try, failure is only failure, there is no other meaning to it.
We were born as nothing, we knew nothing except eating. We learned everything afterwards. We were as a blank notebook. But with every passing day, each page was filled with something new. On some pages someone wrote about our existence, about our parents, about how to behave, about how to talk, and about all the good things that exist. But on some pages there is only hatred for certain things. On one page someone wrote in bold letters about all the things that I should fear and on some, there is just love. So basically, we were null and void and this whole world played a part in filling this void. Why did they write so much that they left no space for us?
We never act on our own, our every action is a result of something external. In the same way, we never wanted to compete, however, we were dragged on this path, being told to reach the end, leaving our hands all empty. But we can’t blame them only, can we? They played and are still playing an important role. They told us to walk and we decided to run, but we never tried to find out why we are running. Likewise, we were told to be successful and that failure is an option but if we fail more than two times, no one will accept us. There is a fixed criterion as to how many times I am allowed to fail. However, that’s not my point here. My point is that whatever we do, wherever we are, successful or just a failure, do we know why we are here? Did we ever try to go deep into things to learn what it means to try and never stop doing it? Is success even a destination?
I wish to be a great writer, and when I become a great writer, I will be successful. Most importantly, I will be happy and that will be it. Is that’s where I am going to stop this journey? Will I stop writing after I achieve great heights in life? What will I do afterwards? Will I just keep looking at myself, all set and successful? Technically speaking, that’s where my life should end, if my goal was to be a certain person. I should stop my ride after I become that, but I know I won’t, I know we won’t, no one will stop, no one has ever stopped working. That’s why I say, I don’t have a goal in life, I’ve never had, I tried thinking about it for a long time but then I stopped because it was a futile process. I don’t know the true meaning of success yet, I don’t know what the real meaning of a goal is. Maybe in future, I’ll have one, but first I am trying to find out the real meaning of success as well as the real meaning of failure.
With every step we take, there should be only growth. We go from bottom to top, that’s success for us, but I’ve been wondering how it is for those who are born at the top and those who come down from the top. Like it’s easy for me to tell how it feels from being a nobody to somebody, but what about those who become nobody from being somebody? For those what is success? Some come forward and some go backwards but the fact is that we never leave the track that we’ve been placed on. Maybe because it’s the fear of people that keeps us there but does it even matter? Do we have to chase others just because someone said it’s okay to fail?
We don’t need to run after things because other people are running as well. If we fail, we ought to know why we failed and when we achieve our goal (if that is a destination) we should know what to do next. We only deserve to win when we realise the importance of failure but we can call it a lesson only when we learned a thing from it. We never know how far we can go until we realise how far we have come, but for those who don’t even take one step forward there is no road and there will be no destination.

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