Modi government only does PR, has no plan for students stranded in Ukraine, inflation: Rahul

NEW DELHI: Hitting out at the BJP-led Centre on Monday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that it has no plan for the return of the Indian students stranded in Ukraine or on China, unemployment, inflation and the fall of the rupee, while accusing it of only indulging in public relations.
“Government of India (GOI) has no plan for: Rupee at all-time low, record unemployment and inflation, students stranded in Ukraine and China occupying our territory. Modi Government = Only PR,” Gandhi wrote on Twitter.
Another Congress leader, Shama Mohamed, said in a tweet: “Rupee hits lifetime low, plummeting to 76.96 vs USD, its weakest level ever. When UPA was in power, PM Modi was worried that the Rupee was in the ICU. Now where is his concern when the Rupee is on the ventilator gasping for oxygen!” In another tweet, she said foreign portfolio investors have pulled out Rs 2 lakh crore from India since October.
“Investors are running to the exit door, but PM Modi is too busy campaigning for elections to care,” the Congress leader said and asked when would Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman hold a press conference to discuss this “alarming exodus of investors”.


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