No physical files, daks to be entertained in CS from Mar 7: Govt



Srinagar: The government on Thursday issued a fresh order regarding the stoppage of physical use of files and daks in the Civil Secretariat of Jammu and Kashmir.


According to the government order all heads of the Department were directed to switch over to e-office mode of working with assistance/hand holding from the Information Technology Department.


“In pursuance of these directions, all HoDs (move as well as non move) were

provided the necessary assistance by the Information Technology Department,

by way of provisioning of the VPN connections, creation of domain IDs ( and training of local admins/master trainers etc,” the order reads.


“Notwithstanding the instructions, extension of timelines and the arrangements put in place, it has been observed that, many HoD offices are still not fully operational on e-office mode and continue to send physical files/daks to their respective Administrative Secretaries, a matter which has been viewed seriously by the authorities,” the order said.


“It is, accordingly, enjoined upon all Administrative Secretaries to

direct HoDs working under their administrative control to immediately switch over to e-office mode of working. Further, no physical files/daks shall be entertained in the Civil Secretariat, J&K, w.e.f. 7h March, 2022,” the order reads—(KNO)

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