Deaths significantly less in 3rd Covid wave in comparison to 2nd wave: Govt

New Delhi:  Deaths are significantly less in the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in comparison to the second wave, and the current surge is not witnessing increase in severe illness or death following high vaccination uptake, the government said on Thursday.

It said that 94 per cent of India’s adults have been administered first dose of Covid vaccine, while 72 per cent are fully vaccinated.

For the 15-18 years age group, the government said 52 per cent have received their first dose of Covid vaccine.

Eleven states and union territories have more than 50,000 active COVID-19 cases and 515 districts are reporting a weekly case positivity of over five per cent, it said.

On the Covid situation in Delhi, it said bed occupancy or hospitalisation is significantly lower in the third Covid wave as compared to the second wave.

In Delhi, upper respiratory tract infection is common symptom among those in 11-18 years, while around 99 per cent adult Covid patients have common symptoms of fever, cough, irritation in throat, the government said.

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