7,715 ha degraded forest area to be rehabilitated under CAMPA

JAMMU: Executive Committee of J&K CAMPA today met here under the chairmanship of Dr Mohit Gera, PCCF (HOFF). At the outset, Dr Gera gave an overview of the major initiatives of the Government including Green J&K Drive Har Gaon Haryali, Creation of livelihood from forests as well as on Ecotourism. He also spoke on major achievements of the department during the current year.
Sarvesh Rai, CEO CAMPA apprised the Committee about progress in execution of the current year’s plan and the proposals for the next year. The Committee was apprised that in the current financial year, 5,443 ha forest area has been rehabilitated by planting about 27 lakh plants in monsoon and autumn seasons, while winter planting is in progress. Tendering for remaining fencing, planting, soil conservation, nursery and infrastructure works approved for the current financial year has also been completed.
For the next financial year, a detailed site- specific plan along with their location maps for rehabilitation of a total 17,715 ha of degraded forest area has been prepared using CAMPA portal.
The rehabilitation plan includes protective fencing and planting of about 120 lakh plants. The plan includes broadcast of 25.18 lakh seed balls and sowing in 40.59 lakh patches and 10.21 lakh dibbles as low-cost afforestation measures. Soil conservation measures like Dry Rubble Stone Masonary, Crates and water harvesting structures/ponds have been proposed to give a fillip to eco-restoration efforts.
For protection of forest lands from encroachment, 23,500new boundary pillars are proposed to be erected during 2022-23.The plan includes measures for protection of forests from fire and strengthening of infrastructure by construction of official and residential buildings for frontline staff, check posts, watch towers and other forest protection infrastructures.
The Social Forestry Department has constituted 4289 Village Panchayat Plantation Committees for planning and implementation of works outside forests for creation of village woodlots, avenue plantation and farm forestry.
The Wildlife Protection Department has proposed measures which include improvement of wildlife habitats, soil and water conservation works, maintenance of animal rescue centres, eco-development activities and development of wildlife related infrastructure. The Department has prepared a special project ‘Mitigation Plan for Kishtwar High Altitude National Park’, which is being implemented.
Proposal for modernization of the Department includes use of remote sensing and GIS tools for preparation of digital maps, equipment like, CCTV, Drones, Camera traps, GPS for more efficient functioning.

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