Be Kind To Your Mind

Be Kind To Your Mind

Overthinking: The art of creating problems in mind that don’t even exist

The only injustice we can do to our mind is overthinking. It’s like being locked up in a self-made mental prison and once we start to live here, there’s no going back.
We humans are weird creatures, we always live as if we are in some kind of rush. We never really live, we just ruin each and every moment by thinking about what’s coming next.
Ever thought how much pressure our mind is under, always? Even right now you might be reading this article but there might be a thousand of thoughts jostling in your mind. We are always unfair to ourselves, to our mind, not only by overthinking about literally everything but also by not being mentally present at a place where we are ought to. Like we do preparations to live but we don’t know how to live. We spend too much time earning a degree so that we can have a better future but we don’t know if we will be there or not. I won’t say we waste our time but in a way we ruin our time because we believe there will be something better ahead.
And there is another funny part, that we don’t match the pace of the world: when time flows slowly we want to run and when time runs fast we find ourselves wishing for a little more rest. Whatever phase we go through in our life we treat it as temporary; we waste our childhood wishing to be adults, during high school years we wish we could be in college, and when we are in college we just wish to be already employed. There’s never stability; we keep forcing our mind to think about the things that we believe will happen with us in future and we don’t allow it to think calmly about one thing at a time. This isn’t how we should act as humans. We are meant for many things but overthinking should not be one of those.
How ironic it is that we have actually stopped believing in good things. We don’t trust people and when someone is being nice to us we don’t allow our mind to accept that he/she is being kind to us. Trust the fact that you are adored sometimes. Let your mind believe that good things do happen.
Sometimes people can be mean but it’s not every time. Our mind has suffered from cruelty, injustice, hatred, but that’s not the end, is it? We don’t have to jump to conclusions like that’s how my entire life is going to be. Not every day is a good day and it’s completely alright. Sometimes people encourage us and sometimes they criticise us. Life can’t be just full of roses and not thorns and for once let your mind believe that there is positivity in this world.
We can always take time to heal from the things that hurt. We don’t have to be in rush always; we can move slowly.
Life is not a marathon. We don’t have to reach the finish line first. If we have goals to achieve, we can still achieve them, slowly. Reaching there matters but how many have reached there before you doesn’t. So, give your mind the time and let it heal because you deserve it.
There’s a proverb that says, “When you don’t have any enemy within, the enemy outside won’t harm you.” So, kill the enemy within first. Let go of this habit of overthinking, don’t let it spoil your mental peace, don’t let it tell you lies. Keep your mind healthy and only then you can live a peaceful life. “Be kind to your mind.”

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