All 6 Covid deaths in October reported in Srinagar

All 6 Covid deaths in October reported in Srinagar

And 57 percent of the fresh cases

Anantnag: All six Covid related deaths across Kashmir valley in the month of October have been reported from Srinagar district, while the district has also reported more than half of the infections valley-wide this month.

The other nine districts in Kashmir division are doing fairly well, with none of them reporting any death in the month of October and the cases coming down to the lowest ebb as well. Srinagar district, however, has continued to remain the epicenter of the pandemic in Kashmir valley.

In total, Kashmir valley has so far reported 207741 infections of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. The Srinagar district alone has reported 75448 cases, which is more than 36 percent of the total tally in Kashmir valley.

“Also, Srinagar district has witnessed 846 deaths so far, which is more than 37 percent of the total tally of 2256 in Kashmir valley,” an official privy to data on Covid-19 told Kashmir Reader.

October has, however, been particularly worse for Srinagar district as 100 percent of the deaths in Kashmir valley have been reported from this district. The death toll, across ten districts of Kashmir valley, has gone up from 2250 on October 1 to 2256 on October 29.

“Fortunately, the other districts are recovering well but Srinagar continues to be a worry,” the official said, adding that the district has suffered heavily in terms of fresh infections as well.

2014 fresh infections of Covid-19 have been reported across Kashmir valley this month, while 1148 of these infections have come from only Srinagar district, which is more than 57 percent of the total tally.

“And expectedly, the active positive cases are the highest in Srinagar as of now. Out of the total 764 active positive cases in Kashmir valley, 449 are in the Srinagar district,” the official said.

Though Srinagar is the most populous district of Kashmir, the other districts with more or less the same population have done really well in comparison to Srinagar. Anantnag district has reported only 73 cases this month, and no death at all.

And even across the pandemic, the south Kashmir district has reported only 16600 infections and only 205 deaths. “This is a huge gap in numbers if we compare and it has obviously been a matter of concern as well. Covid has been relentless in Srinagar district all along,” the official said.

Meanwhile, Shopian district in south Kashmir remains Covid free, with no active positive cases presently and only one infection being reported in the month of October.

“Kulgam is also doing well. The district has witnessed only 10 new cases this month and no death,” the official said.

Overall, though, the cases have been on a decline. In September 3056 fresh infections were reported in the Kashmir valley.


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