Indian job market grows 57 pc annually in Sept ahead of festive season: Naukri JobSpeak

Mumbai: The Indian job market maintained its record-breaking run for the third consecutive month in a row, clocking 57 per cent year-on-year growth in September, according to the latest Naukri JobSpeak report.
At 2,753 job postings, the index hit an all-time high in September surpassing pre-COVID levels in September 2019 by 21 per cent.
The Naukri JobSpeak is a monthly Index that calculates and records hiring activity based on the job listings on website month on month. The objective of Naukri JobSpeak is to measure the hiring activity in various industries, cities, and experience levels.
Year-on-year, most sectors showcased significant annual growth, led by IT (138 per cent) and hospitality (+82 per cent).
“The recent wave of digital transformation among Indian organisations continues to generate demand for tech professionals. YoY hiring in the IT-software/software services sector has grown by 138 per cent in September 2021.
It said sectors like hospitality (82 per cent) and retail (+70 per cent) which were most impacted by the pandemic, also witnessed significant YoY growth in September with several hotels and physical store outlets across the country gradually reopening.
Hiring activity has also grown in the education (53 per cent), banking/financial services (43 per cent) and telecom/ISP (+37 per cent) sectors as compared to September, 2020.
Metros recorded 88 per cent annual growth in September, surpassing Tier 2 cities that grew by 30 per cent.
“The continuous positive growth of the IT-software/software services sector has enabled major IT hubs to outperform other cities in the annual growth charts, it said.
Bengaluru (133 per cent), Hyderabad (110 per cent), Pune (95 per cent) and Chennai (85 per cent) recorded the highest YoY growth in September.
Hiring activity was also positive in Delhi/NCR (72 per cent) while Mumbai and Kolkata both recorded 60 per cent growth. Among the tier-II cities, Ahmedabad (82 per cent) and Coimbatore (46 per cent) recorded the highest annual growth followed by Vadodara (33 per cent) and Kochi (19 per cent),” it said.
Hiring across all experience bands increased in September as compared last year, largely due to the overall positive performance of the hiring market as it recovers from the setbacks caused by the pandemic.
During this period, demand for senior professionals belonging to the 8-12 years (75 per cent) bracket witnessed a maximum increase followed by 4-7 years (65 per cent), 13-16 years (57 per cent,) 0-3 years (54 per cent) and above 16 years (38 per cent).

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