Filtration plant at Baramulla village defunct for a year, authorities unmoved

BARAMULLA: A water filtration plant in Malpora village of Narvaw Baramulla has been defunct for the past one year due to negligence of the Jal Shakti department. Local people of the village said that two years ago a water filtration plant was constructed by the department to provide clean water supply to the people of the area, however the concern department left it open without roof top, due to which it changed into dustbin only after few months, from the time concern department not paid any attention towards it, but stopped its water supply and are providing direct stream water to people.
“The plant was construct very close to forest area without roof top and any other fencing, the department left it abandoned resulting all the wild animals and other animals destroyed it and make it non functional, we request the concerned department so many times to clean it and provide proper fencing but no result” a local of the area said.
A senior officer of the concerned department assured that they will look into the matter. “I have no information that it is defunct, I will contact my field staff and will see where the problem is,” the officer said.

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