COVID-19: Medical expert in J-K warns against lowering guard, says third wave will be deadly

Srinagar: A medical expert in Jammu and Kashmir has warned against lowering the guard in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, saying the third wave of Covid will be deadly.




Dr Muhammad Salim Khan, the head of Department of Community Medicine, said the people should follow the guidelines fixed previously in order to minimise the impact of the third wave of the pandemic.


“The third wave of Covid will be highly dangerous, fatal and can take a heavy toll of lives,” Khan said.


Following a decrease in the number of positive cases with each passing day and less number of admission of Covid patients in hospitals, the effect of the second wave of COVID-19 has diminished to a large extent, he said.


However, this has also resulted in lowering of guard against Covid by the masses which can pose serious threat and lay the base for predicted third wave, he added.


“The decrease in Covid positive cases and the number of covid deaths is an encouraging indication of winning the fight against the second Covid wave,” Khan said.


The doctor cautioned that a drop in number of positive cases has resulted in non-seriousness among people towards Covid-appropriate behaviour, adherence to SOPs particularly wearing of masks and physical distancing, adding that such behaviour poses serious threat of third wave of coronavirus.


“Crowding the markets, health resorts and weddings without wearing masks and no regard for social distance is unsolicited and unbecoming behaviour. In the interest and safety of our families and society, we need to act responsibly in every domain of life and social interaction,” he added.


While acknowledging that people mostly remained confined to homes for one-and-a-half year and are eager to start their normal life, Khan said people may go out to attend to their needs but strict adherence to Covid-appropriate behaviour is needed to avoid possible third wave.


Additionally, he strongly recommended and emphasised on vaccination for everyone and described it as a strong tool in the fight against the deadly disease.


He said vaccination of elderly people has been almost completed and now, all the individuals above 18 years should get themselves vaccinated.

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