CIC operators seek regularisation salary hike

Say admin seeking opinions time and again is grave injustice to these qualified youth

SRINAGAR: The Jammu & Kashmir CIC Operators Association have appealed to the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir to regularize the services of 172 CIC operators, whose growth prospects have been marred by the Rural Development Department not regularizing their services, besides making them work on meager salaries for years.
The association has called for an interim relief by passing an order for the salary hike in favour of these CIC operators working in the Rural Development Department.
The association in statement said that that to their utter disappointment the General Administration Department has recently returned the regularization file of 172 CIC Operators to working in RDD Rural Development Department on with an advise to put the cases these CIC operators in Establishment cum Selection Committee of J&K Govt.
The association feels that it can take years altogether as almost all the incumbents have crossed the age of 45 years & above.
This despite the fact that 172 data entry operators created by GAD in 2016 and also our cases have been cleared by highly Empowered Committee of J&K Govt. in 2017,so it is total injustice that the Administration of UT of Jammu & Kashmir leads these qualified youths of J&K to live a miserable and distress life.
Regarding their regularization the association statement added that first instance GAD sought legal opinion from the Department of Law , Justice and Parliamentary affairs J&K. Later the legal opinion from Advocate General of Jammu & Kashmir, followed by the file submitted to the Finance Department for review of its concurrence with the Finance Department reiterates its previous concurrence in our favour.
Now, the Department of Rural Development Department is advised by GAD to put their cases before the Establishment & Selection Committee of Jammu &Kashmir, which according to the association is a gross injustice.

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