Another leopard captured in Pampore by Wildlife team

Third in past week

Another leopard captured in Pampore by Wildlife team





PAMPORE: The Jammu and Kashmir wildlife department including casual labourers on late Monday evening captured another leopard from Pampore area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.
This is the third leopard captured in the last seven days in Wuyan area.

Wildlife Warden Altaf Hussain Wildlife informed Kashmir Reader that wildlife experts captured third leopard from the same sport where from 2 leopards were caught in the past week.
Within a span of seven days, third leopard rescued in Wuyan, Rescue control room of Khrew range continued to show their 24×7 tireless commitment to rescue third leopard without allowing any human wildlife conflict. Department of wildlife protection has been putting in every effort to avoid any undesired man animal conflict.
Night camps are being installed wherever they are thought necessary in view of any wild animal sightings, Altaf Hussain said.

Wildlife Range Officer Khrew Khursheed Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that they received information that leapord had been spotted in the area following which they sent their teams to capture it.
He said that the team launched a search operation and laid a trap in Wuyan area after local residents complained that leopard was roaming freely in the residential areas, posing danger to their lives and livestock.
He said that one more leopard was caught in the area late Monday evening.

Earlier, last week two leopards captured by wildlife department Range Khrew at Munpora Wuyan area of Pampore.

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