Covid-19 in India: We are on our own

Covid-19 in India: We are on our own

The current pool of politicians are scavengers. The only job they know is politics, and they depend on it for their own livelihood.

The first wave of Covid-19 was just a trailer, and now when the actual movie is out, our health system is already on its knees; rather, it is crawling. We are seeing approx 4L+ Covid cases and 4k+ deaths on daily basis. The even sadder fact is that the actual numbers will be 10 times these numbers. We are a country obsessed with numbers, to brag to the world that we are the best, be it in healthcare or technology. So, obviously, we need lower number of affected people for this, hence all this sham surrounding Covid numbers.
I’m sure at least a few of us may have seen, outside of movies, the standard of medical care in the developed world. They have really strong primary care facilities, and very systematic referral systems, and robust processes for handling untoward incidences. But they all have collapsed with the sheer number of patients that needed immediate attention. Mind you, this is such a virus that can manipulate itself for its own survival, and a master at that. It has mutated many times to be a couple of steps ahead of our scientific community.
Coming back to the Covid deaths in India, we are way below the curve in terms of care given to the affected patients. Because of the enormous number of poor in our country, we cannot effectively implement a strict lockdown also, lest it will cause death because of hunger. We, as a country, should be able to provide for the poor in the country, and be inclusive. That is the only way to get over this grim situation. Why so, because the virus doesn’t distinguish between the rich and the poor. So, if the rich masters have to remain Covid-free, the poor employees should also remain Covid-free. Hence inclusiveness is much more important than anything else in this situation.
Why am I saying that the officially reported numbers are wrong is because you can see death everywhere around, unlike anytime before. This is from my own experience in J&K, where I see a lot of activity in cemeteries/crematoriums near my place. I have seen just a couple of burials in 2018 and 2017 here (just in the locality), but I have seen about 4 or 5 burial-related activities just in this locality on daily basis. But the authorities are in denial. They don’t understand that recognising the problem is the first step to rectifying it. I can hear ambulances 24/7 these days, and hope that things improve.
Moving away from J&K, we have been reading news about overburdened crematoriums and molten furnaces in other northern states. The situation is even worse here than in the south. We are unlucky in terms of healthcare facilities also, which the southern part of India is slightly better of in terms of quality and quantity. I hope the government strengthens the healthcare and research sector at least now. If there is political will, the facilities can be improved in a matter of months. But our politicians are as good as the population only. We like making a small healthcare center and convince the world that it is a state of the art facility, not knowing that the efficiencies will be tested during adverse times. I hope we get an opportunity to elect representatives who are educated and empathetic. We need visionary leaders to bring that change. For that people should get involved in politics.
The current pool of politicians are scavengers. The only job they know is politics, and they depend on it for their livelihood, and hence the corruption. I don’t know how someone can lead a country’s education, health or finance without being an expert in that sector. We just have uneducated morons planning our future, and we are sitting ducks. Politicians don’t have the will to curtail religious passions that could cause explosion of Covid, and become a laughing stock to the rest of the world.
My takeaway from this situation is that you (people) are on your own in this pandemic, so take care of your family, avoid exposure to others as much as possible. Whenever possible, sit at home. Eat healthy, take vitamins to boost your immunity, and ensure that you don’t get into a riskier health situation by contracting cough and cold. You do your part in this scary situation. Seek medical help as soon as you suspect something is not right. The main reason for increased mortality is the delay in getting medical help. Get vaccinated as soon as possible. It will definitely reduce the severity of infection. Hard times need hard decisions, so let us face this with grit.

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