JAMMU: In order to receive a firsthand appraisal of the working of Legal Services Institutions in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey, first Puisne Judge, High Court of J&K and Executive Chairman, J&K Legal Services Authority, today chaired a meeting of all Chairmen and Secretaries of District Legal Services Authorities, through Video Conference.
Justice Magery observed that Chairmen & Secretaries DLSA’s are the face of Legal Services Institutions and exhorted them to discharge their duties with utmost sensitivity and responsibility, and they should put in best efforts to mitigate the legal problems of people.
He also reviewed the functioning of District Legal Services Authorities viz-a-viz conduct of Lok Adalats, working of Para Legal Volunteers, Legal Aid Clinics etc. He impressed upon the officers to engage the school going children in some constructive activities to channelize their talent.
Justice Magrey also received feedback from DLSAs with regard to impediments in ensuring Legal Aid and Access to Justice to all including connectivity issues, lack of resources in terms of staff etc. Underscoring that all efforts are being made to find effective solutions to the existing challenges, he prompted the officers to always remember their Constitutional obligation to ensure delivery of Justice to those who seek it.
He also impressed upon them to overcome structural and operational challenges and take proactive measures to go to grass root level to discover, identify and solve the problems and difficulties of the needy sections of the society in their commitment to the recognized principles of equality and justice and in the complete realization of the promise of Access to Justice.



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