KTA expressed concern over shortage of mutton

Srinagar: Kashmir Trade Alliance has expressed grave concern over the shortage of mutton for the sick amid a dispute between the administration and mutton dealers over mutton prices and said that the government should ensure availability of mutton to the consumers.
Ajaz Shahdhar, president of Kashmir Trade Alliance, said that according to media reports, the government had increased the price of mutton by Rs 35 per kg in just four months, but the stubbornness of the butchers is a concern for the whole society.
“If selling mutton at government prices by butchers and wholesalers is proving to be a loss to their business, how come kababs and roasted mutton be available on the roadside, apart from restaurants and hotels,” Shahdhar questioned.
He said that apart from the sick and needy, mutton is not being made available to the marriage functions and is being provided to hotel owners at extra prices. Shahdhar also demanded from the administration to start a massive crackdown on those who sell mutton in the black market . President of the alliance said that he was ashamed that mutton was not available to the people of the valley on a holy festival like Miraj-ul-Alam, and it was not only a matter of concern for the administration and mutton dealers, but also a sense of embarrassment for them.
He advised the government to find alternative ways to make mutton available in the valley, or to resolve the issue amicabl

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