7 girl students honoured in Darul Uloom Madrasa-ul-Tahirat Zandfaran Sheeri

BARAMULLA: A religious programme was held here in Darululoom Madrasa ul Tahirat Zandfaran Sheeri Baramulla on Wednesday where seven girl students were honoured with different degrees in relevant courses.
Darul Uloom management said that out of seven girl students four completed their Fazilat Quran while three students completed Recitation Quran and all the seven students were honoured and crowned degree certificates by the management.
On the occasion a large number of people, religious clerks, senior citizens including male and female, students of several Islamic schools and parents of students were present.
Chairman Darululoom Madrasa ul Tahirat Azhar-u-din Farooqi thanked all the people who participated in the religious programme and who honoured these students who completed their giving courses in giving time.
Darululoom Madrasa ul Tahirat is working in the Zandfaran village of Sheeri Baramulla, where large number of female students enrolled and they are doing different Quranic courses without any fee, the management also has made available hostel facilities for all the students and their teaching staff without any charges.


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