J&K Bank rolls out scheme for Saudi Aramco discovers two new oil and gas fields: energy minister

Dubai: Saudi oil giant Aramco has discovered two new oil and gas fields in the northern region of Abraq Al Toloul and Al Jof, the kingdom’s energy minister said on Sunday, state news agency SPA reported.
The minister said the new oil field in Abraq al-Toloul, flows with a daily rate of 3,189 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil, along with 1.1 million cubic feet of natural gas.
Aramco is the world’s biggest oil exporter and provides most of the income for the kingdom. SAEV invests in early-stage oil, gas, renewable and chemicals technologies that can potentially benefit the parent company. SAEV generally spends several million to tens of millions of dollars on each acquisition, focusing on companies developing drilling techniques, chemical applications or blockchain-based trading.

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