Two Kashmiri students created motivational Youtube channel

SRINAGAR: Two Kashmiri students who have created a youtube channel with the name ‘Motivation from Kashmir’. The videos are being uploaded on this channel on various walks of life like success, failure, maturity etc. The main characters behind these videos are two twelfth standard students.
One Muntazir Mehdi hails from Budgam district of central Kashmir while the other from North Kashmiri’s Kupwara district namely Faizan Nabi. They both are waiting for a great change. They want students and youngsters to utilize their energy and capabilities in a positive way.
The main motive of this channel and their other social portals is to eradicate the negative thinking from minds of people. They want a society that is full of positivity. By virtue of their motivational videos they want to save people from getting involved in bad activities, upskill people how to tackle challenges of life and how to touch the heights in their lives.

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