Left jobless by pandemic, couple sells possessions to keep going

Left jobless by pandemic, couple sells possessions to keep going

Aurangabad: Having lost their livelihood due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, a couple in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad city has resorted to selling few valuable possessions they have to buy ration.

With no source of income, Motikaranja resident Mohammed Haroon and wife are trying to sell their induction cooktop, which they had purchased to save on LPG expenses just six months ago.

The 37-year-old, who worked as a helper at a company in Shendra industrial area, lost his job in the initial period of the lockdown.

“I bought groceries four months ago and later some relatives helped us out. Now as we are running out of ration, we have to find our own way,” Haroon said.

A Class 12 pass out, Haroon’s wife would give tuitions to children from Urdu medium schools. However, once the viral outbreak began, children stopped coming.

“We used to earn Rs 15,000 per month before the lockdown, but now we are left with no income,” said the father of two.

After selling his wife’s jewellery to pay house rent, Haroon is now trying to sell the induction cooktop, which he had prudently purchased to save money on LPG cylinders.

“We brought the induction cooktop some six to seven months ago. It is the only valuable possession we have left and I will have to sell it to feed my family for the next couple of months,” he said.

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